Friday, September 2, 2011

Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma? What the hell is that? This topic was not too attract me specially at the beginning of the class. Sound was just a simple thing to explain on my own language, but then it was become little bit hard when had to express and present them to the others. Then it become so challenging afterward and more after. I had no resources where my definition will lies on the valid data. So in term of limitations i had to go by what i had at that time. An here it goes;

One of the easiest way to explain this topic is by starting to let the words out when moral and dilemma clinging to the ears. So below are the words on each word of the topic;

Then connect each word of moral which is in the right side above and dilemma in a way of coming to common sense. This class then completed by working in pairs. Each of us had a story card which was the case of moral dilemma, discuss it by role playing then share it to others. Then i realized, it is not about right or wrong up to the topic but it is how to present something that is happen to you whether you have the resources about them or less.

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