Monday, February 22, 2010

Being A Quality Inspector for Oilfield Services Company

Hi fellow, just like before, i would like to share more topic which hopefully working to you. Just like little goal of this blog is place to tell and share the tale come with easy and free writing style.

This is for you who are interested in quality issues specially in oilfield services and manufacture. It is written of course based on my experience which is might be very different from every person perspective and company regulation.

Quality issue which i would like to share is relate to inspector responsibility which covering these area of receiving, maintain processing according to vary certain standard, delivering, and an assurance of the product along their using. It seems like a short process and pretty simple isn't it? yes because i want share this with a light, catchy and more fun.

Begin with the minimum requirement as a technician or engineering education background which is usually asks by most of company. If you are not come from this background then you have to collect at least one or two years work experience in technical matters. And if the company where you want to join is a big one with offices across the continent, then you have to be ready spending only short time in your home town. Be advance using some of gauge matters in metric or inch; commonly the measurement using inch in the world of oil tools manufacture. Hundreds of gauge matters use on this job, you can visit the company which had a similar specialty like gagemaker, mitutoyo or allengauges.

Once you approved as a newbie then will undergo some sets of training and development program in a few month which demand your attitude, skill, knowledge, physical fitness, eagerness to learn everything and helping others as a way of other learning, don't see as only helping. Don't forget to read about and feed many books, journal and any other international standard for manufacture and industry also quality system management. Last but not least, put your dream as highest as you can.

Well, back to the essence of being an inspector; attitude is the most important one, and i think it is demand by every company. Being "good' not only when you are in the working area or time but also out of that, it is supposed to be beyond your life, then you will be easily and automatically do wherever you are and in. Obey to the "big" regulation which is mostly mandatory from your company as set of cascades from many international standard is also mandatory. After all the basic requirement can be fulfill then you can walk to other step happily. Another daily job will be more easily and fun as you can walk in once you had a good basic fulfillment even though you are not an expert yet.

Karratha 26-02-2010

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