Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogging Makes Differences,

Hi fellow, truth to be told that blogging is a new stuff for me recently, even this site just born in last few months, not a half year yet. But more then fun that i could gain from this one; friend, knowledge, skill and more way for personal sustain development.

Apparently now so clear and crunchy in my sight about these words; ftp, html, xml, ip, feed, adsense, robot.txt, crawl, rank, catalog, feedburner, monetize, backlink, pps, ppc, traffic, index, SEO, SEM, affiliate and more, which is before sounds like odd words, i don't even willing to know that.

I don't mean to explain one by one all of those words here now, but prefer to admit this old anonymous Indonesian quote; "if you don't know it/him/her, then you wont love it/him/her", so what was happen to me much more similar with that. I know it then i love it.

Blogging idea begin with looking backward on how to connect the dots i had; last few years seven days writing course experience, countless opportunity on releasing your opinions online which is free, an online english course and several hour vacant each day i have. I just don't wiling to let those dots just become and old dots and or drowning with alcohols or tv.

However, i just like to ask myself on how did i appreciate all those abundant gift which is at least make it more valuable for me. I made a difference. How about you dear fellow? Have a wonderful night.


Darin said...

Ya, that's right. I even not find any better tools to improve my resume than this :)
Long life blogger!
Good night too :)

secangkir teh dan sekerat roti said...

have a nice day!

Land of Oase said...

Darin: thanks mate for visit. i do appreciate. Keep writing. Long life blogger!
secangkir teh dan sekerat roti: thanks mate for visit, have a great day!

JengSri said...

Hey dude,

I'm glad to see your blog! Blogging? oh too many words to explain for this! Have a nice sunday too -- and keep in touch ;)!

Let's Go International ! said...

Alright then :D
I follow you.
You follow me.
Ok? thanks ^^


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