Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to make a BLOG

Blog is contraction from weB-log..., but just say BLOG then most of us will understood what kind of "thing" is it. Blog you can say as type of website usually create and maintain by an individual with vary different contents; personals, business, news, etc. 

We can find many different free blog provider for your domain and your hosting where you can put your data and any other information of your site. You can choose blogger, livejournal, wordpress, multiply or other else as you like. But if you want more space, capacity, and flexibility of site design, you can buy from site domain and hosting. For a newbie i highly recommend a free one.   

A few things before create a blog, might be useful for your consideration: 
  • Ask yourself why you need a blog? this question and answer will lead you to specified of your blog "genre". Now it is classified into many different genre; personals usually hobbies, poem, diary, journal, travel, photography, blogging, e-store, education, homeschooling, many... and many, just write down on google... you can find billions kind of blog. But... if you don't find yet, just skip this question then just make your blog.
  • Pick a name of your blog which is easy to write, easy to remember, and might be pretty to reader ears. Just don't let you feel sorry if someday your blog name hard to remember by others or hard to find by search engine like. You can put your own name for your blog. If you don't find a right name for, again.. skip this, just write anything you can write, and if you don't like it, just pick another one then make a new blog. Easy isn't it?

  • Blog with ESH; easily, simply and happily, (sssttt this is my own tips)... once can do that, then your reader like yours hopefully. 
Well, that's all. Have a happy blogging. Later i'll write about how to write easily, happily and benefit to others. Ouwhhh ya..., if you need more details just klik here, for demo.

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