Saturday, March 6, 2010

Writing Then Earning?

Yes, the idea is if you are interested in writing then you have the opportunity to earn something from them. It could be money, commentaries, changes in yours or other quality life or skills or even your own world. Just like a known quote; if you can change the world then change your own world. One of the things that can not be put into jail is your writing which is your mind. History and literature documented had shown us how powerful it was.

And now, in the digital world that we live in, many way to put, publish, appreciate or even paid your idea as long as it is accessed by others, it's a kind of royalty. This situation being utilized by some creatives for any other purposes; bank data, advertising, talent writing nurturing, news, and other releases.

If you like your opinions being paid, here are some providers that might be you need to have a look; blogadvertisingstore, blogvertise, shvoong, sponsoredreviews.

OK that's it. Ands remember it's all not where the money is...

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