Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blogging, Learning then Earning

Hello fellow... blogging is now getting more addicted, what can i say if hours in a day most of bloggers spent their time in front of computer. Some gain many good things but also some not. Its common sense.

Here fellow i just would like to share to you a good ones which is happen to me recently. Easier for me share something that really happen and cross into my life. I remember a quote from a caliber TV presenter, Larry King: "the easiest way to share/talk is about yourself, you don't even need to struggle creating a great story while you will struggle also to remember what you have to talked to everyone". Truthful is always easier to remember afterward then falsehood.

Well then, what is story? Come on! Be patient dude! lol. Last february this year i create this blog, up and down learning everything, many mistakes, foolishness but yet still fun, and still going on till now. I don't quit and don't planning to quit. Difficulties wont stop me blogging. Many blog phrase i understand but sooooo many that i don't understand yet.

I explore how to earn money through blogging even with very limited knowledge, funny. It's not about money actually but it is how whimper i am to something new, something that arouse my empty up. Then i found the site where they paid to blog , i applied then i write about the benefit of writing which is linked to the site, and they don't approve my blog yet until now. How come? I don't know. There might be a reason why. But, it is OK.

And last night, i noticed that someone through that site visited this blog, so i went to my account, then found some opportunities to write paid post, aha... this is the time. I read the article on becoming a good blogger, also make little observation on the other site how to advertise your product through blog.

Then now i earn many things, blogging stuffs, internet marketing, sense of writing and sense of sharing. Well fellow tell me about your experience, share then you are aware.


tfd said...

i am a newbie..i am interested too to learn earn the blog (website), but, we must change our blogspot to dot com...maybe..but, we must to be expert first in blogspot (free....!!!) hihihi..

jedivid said...

I am having difficulties in understand blogs. I am new also so any help would be great. I have lost my way a little.

Anonymous said...

blue coming...hehehe
salam hangat dari blue

Anonymous said...

learning by doing then learning by earnig..sesuatu yang baru dan menarik pasti di tekuni..blogging sebisa mungkin harus bisa memanfaatkan iseng2 berhadiah..kalau tidak uang ya pengalaman(the best of teacher)


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