Saturday, June 26, 2010

Learning through adventure, like Abby Sunderland

Most of us surely understood what adventure is, and the common answer will fall into description about high risk activities; just like what was happen recently to 16 years old girl, Abby Sunderland, who solo crossing through Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean, from Los Angeles to Perth. Most of world media and people blustered her escapade, just because she didn't make it. She rescued at Indian Ocean, thousand miles before Perth.

What i am going to share is not her controversy, but a light lesson yet meaningful to our daily life. The question is what arise in your mind when word of adventure come up? Well, i believe most of us would agree if the answer around these 3 words; challenges, risks and uncertainty.

I wouldn't know my strength, ability or even my weaknesses if i run from them. Challenges taught me to admit my weakness and know my strength. Risks taught me how to count what do i have and don't. Uncertainties made my eyes and heart open. Falling just make someone tougher then before.

I believe what would happen to Abby in the future is more then great but also she wouldn't disappointed for the things she didn't do. And last but not least, once you don't make any mistakes, i would be love to say; "you might be do nothing".

Well fellow it just a self reflection, hope you inspire, happy blogging...


cHugy - gOgOg said...

Sori boz...Chugy krang mahir b English-y. jd koment-y pk B lokal aja heheeeee...!!!

Artikel yg mnarik boz....!!! Kyanya yg pnya blog ini Si Pelaut Ky Popaye hahaaaaa...!!!

Kunjungan malam sob.

w - 4xp said...

Kunjungan malam ni boz...skalian mw ngasih wallpaper keren ni ....!!!

Koleksi motor chopper, silahkan di liat2 dan di ambil gratis kok heheeee.

Anonymous said...

nice posting bro..kapan ya bisa naik kapal gituan

H. Nizam said...

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.
I have followed your nice and interesting blog on Google Friend Connect and Networkedblogs. I shall very grateful if you could do the same to my blog.

H. Nizam said...

Hi there,
It's me again.
As I mentioned in my earlier comment I have followed your nice blog on Google Friend Connect and Networkedblogs but I noticed that my avatar (eye glass + multibrand) is not shown on both sites' widgets.
Please check with admistrators of both sites. I'll come again tonight.

Meanwhile I have also linked your blog, you can check on my Blog List.

Bunglon Blog Indonesia said...

visiting here..
nice post my friend, so useful
happy blogging

Land of Oase said...

Chuggy: no worries mate, your english is good. Am i sailor? hohoho... am not. But i am interesting to any kind of sea stuff... what about you?

W4xp: thanks mate, i took already some of your wallpapers, nice.

The Nakulo: anytime dok... it is easy to sail. It takes about 1 hour to be advance, keep try it.

H. Nizam: thanks for visit and comments, looking forward...

Bunglon: thanks for visit and comment... how do you see it useful to you? do you like sailing or adventure?

Jazz Muhammad said...

kang, aku dulu pernah dapat statement bagus dari pak rektor

"When life is going to be tough, then the tough is going..."

NENSA MOON said...

mmm.. proud of the girl for her courage, though it's still a questionable... what did she done for??

I love the quote: 'once you didnt make any mistake then u might be do nothing'...keren pisan eta Go..hehe

Someone said U like Popeye Igo...hehe.. tuh orangnya diatas!!

Land of Oase said...

Jazz: yes i agree with you. adventure is my philosophy, teach me alot how to live meaningful, how about you? How do you like adventure?

Ceu Nensa: this girl doing that is only she want doing that. i might say she just dont want to feel sorry for something that she want do it if she doesnt. And now i am thinking do i will let my girl doing something great yet full of risks in the future like Abby? What about you Ceu as you have a big girl now? Share your experience with me! minta hehehe..

NENSA MOON said...

(was still here Go)
No no no.... never...never Go!!!
I never let my baby girl doing a such 'crazy' adventure like that!!! ok
hatur nuhun we sateacana...

Herdoni Wahyono said...

Despite the failure, we salute her efforts across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. He's had extraordinary courage. Travel with the risks
very high. However, before doing the job with high risks, big challenges and deal with uncertainties, as she did, then the necessary calculations accurately and correctly, a solid preparation and training hard. Thanks for your info.

om rame said...

wah saya Lupa bawa kamus nih, mohon maaf untuk sementara no comment duLu. harap makLum saya kurang mahir daLam berbahasa asing.
terima kasih atas kunjungannya ke bLog saya yang masih butut, saLam persahabatan.

Reza said...

Google translate

Land of Oase said...

om rame: hahaha... makasih om sudah berkunjung, besok kalo mampir saya sediakan kamus deh...

Reza: Sorry bro i just dont get it with your comment? What are you trying to say?

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