Saturday, October 23, 2010

Facebook finds application giving user ID data to advertiser

I read some news last few minutes due to facebook third party application "giving" some personal data to advertiser. Whatta horrible! But it isn't surprise, hard to believe if "they" don't sell it or letting those stolen with some technical reason excuse. 

Facebook this monday confirmed that some popular third-party applications are violating the social network's rules and transmitting identifying information about users to advertising 
and Internet tracking companies. 

"In most cases, developers did not intend to pass this information, but did so because of the technical details of how browsers work," Facebook engineer Mike Vernal said in a blog post.

"We are talking with our key partners and the broader Web community about possible solutions."

Vernal argued that press reports had exaggerated the implications of the situation and that getting user identification (UID) information did not provide access to private data without express permission.

Tell me what is in your mind? I choose to wise to share what kind of information in.


Darin said...

Wow, I can't believe to hear that! This is really such a denial for what they said on facebook term. If that so, transmitting identifying information about users to advertising and Internet tracking companies is highly important, what about our privacy? which it's only reason why we all choose facebook!

Or, might facebook start to money-oriented?

rahmatea said...

punten kang.....lami vakum. kumaha damang? di dieu mah hujan wae...kumaha di australia?

eh komentarna kitu we...ati ati data urang bisa di jual ka fihak lain...da namina oge bisnis nya?

NENSA MOON said...

Hai Igo... pkbar?
Lama baru ngapdet...

About FB and anything connected.. I think I have no idea.. I didn't use FB
But perhaps we must more careful to put our personal data... in every social networking

Land of Oase said...

Darin: ya, it looks like they can't stand with. Anyway it looks like nothing is impossible in this world.
Kang Rahmat: pangesto Kang... kumaha sawangsulna? mugia sing bagja. Iya lama vakum lagi riweuh dengan kerjaan dan melayani "sang buah hati yang pengennya diajak maen terus" hehehe...
Nensa: duh Euceu hapunten tos lami teu update or visiting your blog... maklum geuning kieu-nya situasi teh... nuju riweuh... hehehe... Anyway thanks udah mampir dan menjaga silaturhami... salam

H. Nizam said...

Usually FB would inform us whenever 3rd party wants to have information shared and ask for our permit.
If not it is surely violation.

Olafur Thorlaksson said...

these facebook appliactions are terrible, I adopted a no more application policy a long time ago.

By the I love how your pics never have any clouds in them :) and I admire your U comment I follow support

many thanks
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