Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Google AdSense PIN

More than 4 month no updating blog is truly made me less idea and got early short term memory lost. Lol. This is include the blogger PIN and Google AdSense PIN which is most important, otherwise I wouldn't have any payment from Google.

So, collecting old document and correspond to google is set of long way. Fortunately a confirmation letter finally found in good condition. And now is have to wait for another confirmation to state that I owned bank account submitted in a week. Hope all well and wealth.

Based on what I experienced, keeping update your blog is an easy way also as preventing to short memory lost as well.

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Svyat said...

You are very lucky

Matthew Porter said...

Haha that's very true. I spent ages building my blog and making sure everything worked as it should before posting anything. By the time I had anything relevant to post I'd forgotten how to get in. Luckily I had a backup of the information stored!

iPhone 5 said...

Lol, I had the same problem as you I had forgotten my pin, luckely I had it saved on notepad which I eventuly found it.

abuy dinar said...

Bukankah PIN itu bisa disimpan di firefox...? selama ini saya menggunakan fasilitas penyimpanan PIN Mozila dan tidak repot mengingat pin.

NickoffBlog said...

In my opinion nothing wrong, and will confirm to enjoy life more


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