Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Karijini National Park

Hi fellow... meet again with me, hope you are doing well.

This is another tale that i would like to share about my last trip, eventually done yesterday to Karijini National Park, Tom Price, Western Australia. It is usually supposed to be about 4 hours traveling from Karratha, but was 5 caused of some lost.

Karijini National Park is one of the largest national parks and one of the most exotic in the State. Ornament with a rugged red road, beauty red land and unbeatable for adventure, the park is famous for its sheer gorges, waterfalls and cool swimming holes.

Base on my experience it is best accessed by using a four wheel drive car, have 1 or 2 tire spare, 200 liter fuel for 2-3 days, waters, and food, of course if you want to visit most of the beauty an unique attraction by your own car in good condition. 

If you come from overseas, take flight Perth is the right one, then take 2 hours flight to Tom Price the nearest town to the park, another town nearest which is Karratha or Parabudoo. 

Having two hour driving on the road and three hour four-wheel-driving completed with a beauty scenic and observing how hard to live in the remote like the locals make me miss Karratha which i call a "quite" town. And being grateful for everything i got easily. Here is some more guidance and other source for Karijini National Park: Pilbaracoast, Western Australia, and Travelmate.

Enjoy, have a save adventure!


Anonymous said...

it's not as beautiful on mid june-august..

Land of Oase said...

yep, it supposed to be visited on that time, thanks anyway...


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