Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Labour Day in Western Australia

Labour or Labor day or also known as a May Day International Worker's Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world as celebration of economic and social achievements of workers. It is originally come from eight hour days movement which advocated eight hours for work, eight hour for recreation and eight hours for rest. 

In all around countries in the world Labour Day celebrated on May 1, while some countries celebrate on the first Monday of September. And in Western Australia celebrated on first monday of march. Every country has own considerably for stipulated the day of labour day and it is usually based on their social, economy and politic that they believe.

In the third world country usually its celebrated with some huge mass movement to the main town street, labor minister or while some others to presidential palace. In fact this movement often tends into riots or some anarchical action which is ended with some activists arrested.

But countless worker also celebrated in other fun and relax way; fishing, family gathering, sports, camping, walking, watching labour movement or even sleeping most of day.

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