Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Association for Experiential Education

Summary by:Landofoase

Association for Experiential Education is a non profit, professionals membership association dedicated to experiential education and the students and practitioners who believe and utilized its philosophy. It  is located in United States and has about 1.500 members which come from most country around the world.

Experiential Education is a philosophy and methodolgy for developing people through direct experiential activities, in simply ways it is aim to help people develop him or herself and or other people.

In most specific, there are many ways which is included in this area of development; sharing which incorporated with many practical technique or usually name as outdoor activities, set of therapy, and others. However, the most common ways of learning specially in formal institution like schools or universities using lecturing. But today it is now getting spread widely into many different ways of learning and focused on students based experience.

Uniquely most of the members of this association come from vary different education backgrounds but has a same interest on outdoor or adventure activities and also believe with an ancient Chinese proverb; tell me then i will forge, show me then i will remember, and involve then i will understand. Word of understand is also been positioned as as base how to accelerate learning process in maximum.

This progressive community of educator and practitioners as they said had been involve in many area of development, education institutions, government and community development. They also published journal, research, and other academic paper which is great as a way of developing other alternatives of learning methodology and philosophy which is sometimes stuck in an old paradigm of paedagogy.

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