Monday, March 1, 2010

Speaking English Easily Confidently and Automatically

Summary by:Landofoase
Most of the people who are not come from the country where english is not a daily language, will be enough busy to learn or at least memorize some english words when have to go abroad. And will spent years to learn english if you or your children or your next generation toward expected to live in a global society with big opportunities to have "cakes" in this un-eluded world of competition.

Learning speaking english is one of the problem, in fact we can find thousand people who can read and and writing english very well, but had a very big problem on speaking. Mostly they understood what the people and native speaking but they can not reply or respond easily, confidently and automatically.

Effortless English website is one of the best website which will leads not only how to speak english easily, fun and confidently, but also learn how to achieve life fulfillment, They have 7 rules for excellent englsih which is really easy, applicable and very different which any other way of learning englsih. One thing which  i really like from this website is "burn your book, learning speaking englsih like a baby (with a silent periode)". Every time finished the lesson will be more relax, fun, optimist and can see more expectation that possible to achieve in life. Can see what can't see before, is like awakening a giant in yourself.


Anonymous said...

my English is still far from perfect

Land of Oase said...

dok... mine also. but it wont stop me writing... i hope someday this one could be a habit and become my talent... just follow my believe.. keep writing bro... thanks for visit

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.


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