Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the skype devil

end of october 2006 was the first time using skype as a way to keep contact with the people i love during the absence word of close. it was such a great discover when one of my friend facilitated me to talk to my wife in a very cheaper way and in a very long time. Since that time, skype can never substitute yet by any other of communication.

and how insane i am, telling to most of my friend the advantage of using skype then the other tools. i provided plenty time just assisting them comfortable skyping. how happy once they could talk, laugh even cried, what an ironic happiness, lol.

yes, that is one of my experience when you got far away from people you love. what can i refuse if my friend said to me as a skype devil, almost every night i talk, chat, even pikaboo-ing my little daughter.

and all of those above, i believe, as an impact of nobel idea which is lead into effortless promotion. it's too early to credit like that, it might be made piss you off... thanks skype...

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