Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A piece of story of Jaburara Tribe in Western Australia

Hello everyone, i would like to share with all of you about my last early morning trekking in Jaburara Heritage Trail. It is situated in the north of Karratha town, in Western Australia. Karratha itself is about 845 km in the north of Perth and 2710 km in the southwest of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Yes, as you might think, this place is somewhere far away from any big cities. Then you might think "what the hell you doing there"? Well, i'll write the reason why and what am i doing here in the next post, i'll talk to you also how to overcome the uniqueness life in the remote area.

Well back to the topic, last sunday i woke up earlier then other day, just don't want the sun shore earlier then me on that hills, don't wanna be late again after lose on last 3 sunday. And finally... the sun knee down on me, he was still scrambling on that hills, and i was on the top.

I just realized if that day was a valentine day when i am writing now. But even though i remember, it wont give any other impact of love perspective i had. If i was presenting this tale on that day as, it was just by chance, that was sunday, where i didn't work. There's no relation with valentine day at all, forget it.

This tale as i like to name it, just like another gift, it wouldn't understood by hers specially, it's priceless, and she wouldn't understood any other word in this world, she is my 6 month daughter. But as a share for you if you mind to accept this off course, will be easily understood.

I ride my car very fast, again it's different as it happen on days before, driven by the invisible competition created by me and the sun. I should be a winner this sunday. Park, and run to the hill. I said, now it's my turn. I put the sun on my camera. And glance over the little town of Karratha, the shade, hills, sun, information board, path, bush, kangaroo, goana, snake which i am sure they were hiding and starring at me. lol.

This story begin with Karratha Visitor Center, offering free services and information all round The West Pilbara region where Karratha is one of the suburb in. Karratha is the center of the land of Jaburara tribe which ended by Dampier on the west and Wickham on the east. I decided to explore one of the heritage trail, Jaburara Heritage Trail where thousand of prehistory human being creature like petroglyphs or engravings scattered along the trail and around. Jaburara people is one of the tribe of aborigin which now represent as 3% of Australia population.

Length of the track is about 3,5 km as the, and it will end up in less then one hour by by walking in a normal walking speed, it's not brochure said but i do, base on my experience as a hiker. But if you want to "see" more engravings you need more then 2-3 hour. It was not easy as brochure said to find aboriginal petroglyphs for untrained eyes as i am not an archeology. It need more attention to details. And would be easier if you have an experience of seeing petroglyphs in a museum for example. You wouldn't find a petroglyphs as in brochure, it is somewhere else. But don't worry, once you find a petrgolyphs you will be easier to find another one. It's a kind of belief of some locals and tourists. It was happen to me also, i listed about 10 different petroglyphs in 2 hours, happy for me, and off course if i was not wrong.

We will never know what the meaning of this petroglyph since the Jaburara people was extinct, it is archeology task to find out what and pass on to the next generation. Just another share, i felt very grateful that i can still see and enjoying the the trace of culture of human being, since it is estimate created 5000-6000 years ago. And on the way home i ask myself, "what can i leave in that very long age"? huh... i don't know. You?

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