Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday is usually a fishing day

Fishing? this word which i always eluded since last 25 years ago. In my country, specially in the suburb where my childhood was, fishing was not very good habit. It is based on the local tale of the lazy man but creative in many other way on refusing any job of man, he was Si Kabayan. Most of the old people or granparents, will associate it as a lazy or jobless man habit. And in fact along this time, i am not a good fisher and i don't like it at all yet hate. I didn't clearly remember what age it was happen when i got little accident caused by fishing hook which pierced on my left ear, it was horrible, i was a poor little fisherman. lol.

But...., when you get shore in the land where there is not many various activities you can do, fishing is the old game which i struggling to memorize how it will work better at least safe. Here in Karratha, it seems that fishing is most reasonable to do while it could be cheaper then any other adventure activities, jogging it is not included. In addition most of my friend love fishing. So i tried fishing in last few sunday ago, and the result was not to bad. I got 2 barramundi in the first sunday, 3 mangrove jack on the second sunday, and nothing on the third sunday, it was the worst day while my friend got 7 any other fish. huh... Tomorrow is going to be my fourth sunday, hopefully will be a good day.

Well my friend, here is a good one i would like to share to you which i can do perfectly, it is about how to tying the knot to you fish hook:

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Baca postingan ini, tiba-tiba saya jadi pengen mancing. Maklum, saya pernah jadi pemancing berat (sekalipun tidak mahir) sebelum berumah-tangga. Sekarang memang hampir bisa dikatakan tak pernah mancing lagi. Biasa pun bojo, pami ngijinan mancing ge, sok rada baeud he he he...


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