Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tale from The Land of Iron Ore

Hi fellow... another share from the town where i am living for at least in this last few months. I am now stranded in the land of iron ore, land of Aboriginal rock engravings, Karratha, in the west of Australia. It's another hometown after Perth and Jakarta.

My Scottish friend said i am not stranded, but dumped off, and i was smiling. My Oz friend said: "mate, you stranded into the best place for adventure in the whole land of Oz", and i was enthusiast.  Well, in my word i love to say that am now living in the small and quiet town and i am happy.

Karratha is about 1500 km in the north of Perth and 2700 km in the southwest of Darwin, please don't tell me where Perth and Darwin is, lol. Most of the activities off at 5-6 pm, don't think to shop in the night or just hanging around. Cinema? No. People love to stay at home cause of the hot weather which is one of the reason. But the good thing you can indulge your ears with silence, absolutely dead silence.

Living here for some people is hard, where everything is rare and expensive. Some media notice that this town is the most expensive one in the continent. People fly in and fly out all the weekend and neighbors come and go without knowing each other or even notice.  No wonder if this place always being a haunted town every end of the year. Hard to call Karratha is a hometown, but easy for me. I think am the type of creature who faster then any other one to have an adaptation.

Need an eagerness to know vary outdoor activities to enjoy those atmosphere, lucky me, i love adventure stuffs, and this place is the right one, gateaway to many national parks with beautiful gorges and unsealed road which is challenging. So for me easier then any other friends. And the other great thing is i have more time to write and share my happiness with you, just a quick cross, "happiness only real when it shared", Alex Supertramp. Enjoy your day!


Darin said...

Karratha? well, I had never heard that before. :)
Probably it's like a transit town for mine-workers, isn't it? It's amazed that no entertainment there, so what people do after work hour? just hot water? humm..
I curious to be there..:)

Land of Oase said...

Darin, it's true. No much you can do here, but if you like adventure, you can have some choices, fishing, cross country, or enjoy national parks. i think your skill which is relate to water stuff would be fit, give try!

Darin said...

Awesome! :D
So, may be it's good to start dreaming now.. :)
Hope that dream comes true, Amen!

Land of Oase said...

Darin, just a quick cross on my mind: do not be afraid to put your dreaming highest then before. You'll make it, amen!


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