Tuesday, March 9, 2010

World of Uncertainty

We live in the world of changes, some we can notice and most we can't, even unable to understood if it is happening. Some can adapt and survive, but some not. Most issues which is happen now is driven by changes and or uncertainty. There's no guarantee if next next day or even next few minutes will be the same as before.

Everything changes even in the state of consciousness. And these remind me about ML King Jr's quote : the ultimate measure of man is not in the moments of comfort and convenience but in the moment of challenge and controversy. If you believe it, then overcome changes and uncertainty happily is almost an absolute.

Observe it anywhere you can, in job, societies, schools, or else, then you will notice a person with moments of comfort and convenience are mostly nice. Of course, it because there's nothing to worry about, it wouldn't be the same if situation are inconvenience.

Most of people and organizational development theory based on this uncertainty stuffs; people, system and resources being drive to be skillful, grow and adapt their ability all the time. This issues put as a reason of why a lot of time, energy and money spent by most of them.

Then how to deal with uncertainty?, for me; being in the state of accepting that all creatures is crawling or even run into changes is an absolute. Motionless is nothing. And its is important being part of the changes, live with them and be thankful for every simple thing we do. What about you?

A few couple years ago, my friend said: don't be like dinosaur, extinct cause of inability to live within changes.


Anonymous said...

changes what make this world in a rush... rush make you wake up and grow, anyway thanks for share

Darin said...

uncertainty is a must at human history..at least that's my own opinion. coz nothing would be this far, nothing could be this big,..without uncertainty..
that's why we are still learning by doing :)
thanks for sharing!


Nice article.

ALRIS said...

Nice posting. Salam kenal. Sukses selalu.


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