Friday, April 23, 2010

Break and The Most Friendly Award

A long break after a few month working thousand kilometres away from your home town is really a great time. Time before break was seen so slow then normal, couldn't hardly to wait. A bunch of agenda which is had been scheduled since a month before is flirting all the time.
Now is the second week of four i have. Fantastic i can say so far; met my lovely family, parents, friends, and visiting some beautiful place, and all is priceless.

And my happines is getting more and more since i received an award, from my best friend Nensa with her blog The Note. This award is The Most Friendly Award, what can i say? Hopefuly Nensa didn't make a mistake about this, lol. One thing i can say about Nensa tha i noticed throuh her other blog; she is a mom with great sense of adventure, of course adventure from my perspective which is relate with term of RISK, CHALLENGE and UNCERTAINTY. You will understand once you read her journey on internet business.

As one of the quote that i believe; "Happines Only Real When It Shared" (Into The Wild, Jhon Krakauer) and also Nensa wish, i would like to give this award to my best friends;

  1. Rumah Sehat, owned by a friendly doctor from Colomadu, Solo, he is dr. Ujang Hermawan.
  2. Indonesianer, owned by a famous and friendly blogger form Solo, again? yes. Darin.
  3. JengSri, owned by Jeng Sri, my best friend in Effortless English VIP, also the first one who gave a comment on my blog.
  4. Sketsa Arus Rasyid, owned by my best friend, Kang Rasyid. I know Kang, you have received also this award from Nensa. But don't worry, and dont think how to give it back to me, hehehe...
  5. YS AHelpAndSupport Blog owned by Manish Deo a.k.a Rapideo, he gave me alot tutorial for blog stuff.
Well my friend, it is a gift for you, an appreciaton from me for your share through your blog. Hope you like it.


Darin said...

Many thabks for you :)
I'll post this right away :)

NENSA MOON said...

very nice post Igo...
Many thanks for posting the award.
Happy to see you enjoys n hv a great time on your break wth lovely family...
Success for your career and blogging too.

Dangsulaeman said...

just's so nice..


Anonymous said...

thanks bro..your my best friend..nise job..god bless for you..maaf kalau inggrisnya jelek hehe


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