Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A share how to get job overseas, specially in OZ

Hi fellow, a share how to get a job here in Australia.

Here is the way how to get a job which is significantly based on my experience and latest observation recently. An overview might be needed for anyone who want to try his/her fortune overseas. Let say here in Australia. Some issues need to be well collected like; latest work overseas regulation, position needed, company you set eye on, and the most important thing is how dare to compete with your fear then next one is dare to compete with others.

Collect some regulation is not difficult here where we live in, just go googling, follow the instructions, then you up the empty, don't you? But most important thing like noticed above is about daring to have your own adventure, facing uncertainty, and keep an eye into the goal. Living overseas is truly different with yours. Here is some reasons i used as my mortar and brick when decided to fly out here.

  • Adventure or in other word risking your established career or state before is my daily stuff. So having a job overseas is just about changing place, not a big deal. The context still same, who/wherever i am; risks, uncertainty is always exist around me. 

  • Quintessence of life which is i believe just only accomplished by destroy your own "box", then sail, explore, dream and discover.  
  • Then by the end of my life, i want my God admit that i made differences.
I think those 3 basic reason which always keep my eyes open, but it may not be brick and mortar in yours. At least i found already for myself. Hope you inspired.

Next post i will write about some regulations, tips and tricks, well..., see you soon.


Herdoni Wahyono said...

Some things must be prepared before working abroad, including physical and mental readiness, skills and expertise, language, learn about local culture, and others. It is very interesting work overseas. We get an interesting experience and a better salary. Thanks for you’re sharing.

cheap bus hire said...

Great! nice post.! Keep it up!

3sna said...

thanks for sharing the info, don't forget to tell us the living cost, medicinal deposit and stuff :D

riza said...

hey followed you back and put you on my link list..please do the same..thanks..^_^

Darin said...

Great tips!

I wish I could do those, cause I really want to taste how..

Anyway, I'll wait for some regulations then :)


Pengen juga sih kerja di luar negeri, dan australia merupakan salah satu impian saya (ketimbang ke saudi cuma jadi PRM atau sopir hehehe). Tapi itu tadi, keberanian. Saya masih belum berani adu nasib di negeri orang. Maklum kurung batok, Kang. Mung Cianjur-cianjurna nu kakurilingan teh.

Maz Andy said...

nice information, keep post brother.. be succes..

Dwi Wahyudi said...

Hi, i have one dream can go to Australia.

Land of Oase said...

Herdoni Wahyono: absolutely sob, but again, NIAT yg paling penting. Thanks for visit.
Cheap Bus Hire: Thanks dude, hope we can have business someday...
3sna: my pleasure sis..., i'll let u know when ready
Riza: hi Sis.. done! thanks.
Darin: my pleasure, thanks for credit, i'll let u know when ready
Kan Rasyid: hahaha... Dulu saya juga kurung batok, ngan garut deui-garut deui, siga tangkal cau, teu bisa tebih ti indungna... tapi ari ku niat mah akhirna tunggul dirarung catang dirumpak.. hhahaha... salam sono
Maz Andy : makasih sob... my pleasure to share with you...
Dwi Wahyudi: makasih sob... starting from a dream then dream will come true, it's happen to me also... good start...


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