Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mick Lanagan, who is he?

Hi fellow this is a free volunteering campaign, to arise awareness of safety and volunteering stuff, hope you like it.

You fellow can find him easily on yellow pages cover for 2010/11 here in Australia, and most public advertisements, an honor from Australian for his countless life-threatening emergencies and road accidents.

He has devoted most of his life to assisting rural communities in Western Australia as a nurse at St Johns Ambulance, Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and operator of a bush clinic in Sandfire. He has had an incredible life, and has just won a story writing competition for his tale about the first time he experienced the RFDS.

In March 2007, Mick's bravery was demonstrated when he was the first time to arrive on the scene of a horrific road accident where 13 people were injured, five critically, after their four-wheel drive rolled just north of Sandfire. Mick worked for three hours in scorching 47 degree heat until further assistance arrived.

His skill were also tested during a road crash where a woman was trapped inside a car that was leaking petrol in 2001. Despite the risk to his own life, he crawled into the vehicle through rear window, stabilized the woman and cared for her untill the fire rescue crew were able to cut her free from car.

pic. source:
( - ABC North West Mornings)


Anonymous said...

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