Friday, May 14, 2010

Avatar the movie, here in the town, too late? No!

Avatar on this post is the movie which is great as a Cameron patience waiting and give time for having some quantum on 3D technology. It's recently has been released and also showed in Walkington Theater Karratha. What make me can't wait to write is not how the creative process which is made by filmmaker and crews but its tends to the movie watching experience.

As a newbie in this "quiet" town i give more attention to some fun activities like sports, movies, adventures, gadget sales, or just knowing that some locals groups having a rendezvous. Movies is attract me more then others, simple yet fun. So visiting the only local theater is the one. Lucky me, there has been a movie agenda since a week before. But, Avatar is available on the next two week, its already fully booked. What? "Its a small town dude", said the girl on the ticket box. I don't have any choices. Waiting is the only one.

Finally the time come. Buy the ticket then noticed that have no seat number, it means feel free to sit anywhere. Got a good seat, then having some chats with friend. We talked in my own language, just feel more comfortable having chat while waiting the movie goes. Talking topics was about how this town and people need more space for entertain and others. And in unpredictably, the family next to us saying that: "yes we need more space for everything... and #/=()$#@??, ups... they understand my own language.


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